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Welcome Summer 2023!

Let's focus on the current state of Chilmark Pond's ecosystem health so that our informed community can lead the way to pond restoration.

  • Our Ecosystem Monitoring Report is online! Enjoy gorgeous figures and learn about:

    • LAND USE & LAND COVER - There is an intimate connection between the health of a pond and the land that surrounds it.

    • SOIL CHARACTERISTICS & HYDROLOGY - The composition soils, rocks, and clay in the land the surrounds the pond determines the rate and path of groundwater as it moves through the watershed to the pond.

    • SALINITY - For ponds with fluctuating salinity, pond-life must have the ability to tolerate the range of salinities and salinity can be used to track the effectiveness of barrier beach breaching events and circulation.

MV CYANO enters its 3rd season. Stay informed with weekly updates!

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