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End of Summer Reflections

Doctor's Creek in Chilmark Pond. Photo courtesy of TIM DEWITT.

The end of summer is always bittersweet - let’s reflect on the connection between nitrogen pollution and cyanobacteria blooms, and how to restore the Pond.

  • SOURCE OF JOY - Memories made on Chilmark Pond stay with us throughout the year and are a source of joy. Chilmark Pond Foundation is focused on restoration in order to support future memory-making.

  • EXCESS NITROGEN - Nitrogen pollution is the primary cause of impairment in Chilmark Pond. Wastewater and Fertilizer are the 2 greatest contributors.

  • CYANOBACTERIA BLOOMS - Harmful algal blooms, such as cyanobacteria, occur because of a combination of nutrient pollution and heat. We cannot control the heat, therefore we must focus on the nitrogen.

  • RESTORATION - In order to restore the health of Chilmark Pond, we must reduce the NITROGEN in the Pond and in the Watershed.

    • Why?

      • Nitrogen reduction will reduce the frequency and intensity of blooms while also making it possible for a balanced ecosystem to flourish.

    • How?

      • Improve pond flushes with DREDGING

      • Reduce or eliminate the use of FERTILIZERS

      • Identify and remediate NITROGEN HOT-SPOTS

  • GOOD NEWS - Chilmark Pond Foundation is working with the Chilmark Pond community to identify the sources of impairment and remediate them. We want to express our gratitude to all our partners in restoration.


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